Edinburgh Specialists in Social Dining.

About The Team

Angels with Bagpipes restaurant opened it’s doors in 2010 on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

Alistair Munro joined the Angels with Bagpipes team in 2013 as Sous Chef. After 3 years he left for a year to gain working experience in Melbourne. He progressed and mastered various cooking styles; such as innovative brunches, Texan barbecue and modern Australian to name a few. His last stop was East Elevation: a hip cafe, bean-to-bar chocolatier and event space. It was here he honed his skills as an event organiser and developed his concept of social dining.

Fraser Smith, Executive Chef leads the kitchen at Angels with Bagpipes with great experience from some of Scotland’s finest restaurants. Fraser has been a driving influence within the restaurant and it’s success. His natural passion for quality, precision and flavour has gained Angels with Bagpipes a glowing reputation in a city abundant with restaurants of the highest standard.

He prides himself in sourcing the best ingredients and allows the quality to shine through his clean, elegant dishes. By blending innovative and traditional techniques, Fraser works with profound energy, keeping his menu fresh, exciting and stunning throughout all seasons.

Fraser and Alistair, together have formed a strong working relationship, sharing qualities of elite work ethic and creativity.

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